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Infrastructure and Cloud

  • On Premise vs. Off Premise
  • Data Center vs. Cloud
  • Laptop vs. Workstation
  • Microsoft vs. Google vs. Red Hat
  • Office vs. Remote

We have had to work thru the each of these questions many of times with our customers and the solution is simple: what makes the best sense for your business.

We have experience in negotiating global contracts with manufacturers and developing Config To Order (CTO’s) laptops and workstations by employee responsibility and needs.

Kynetic Technologies has experience designing Data Center refreshes, transforming them into High Availability Data Centers, creating long-term cost reduction in licensing, footprint reduction and electrical cooling savings.

We recently completed a Data Center server design and refresh with a global airline customer, significantly increasing their data availability speeds. We have worked with many customers regarding Cloud mitigation or migration to private cloud.

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